Fawn Organics is an online retailer offering a unique, premium collection of products carefully selected with the health and welfare of the Earth and its inhabitants in mind. Fawn Organics firmly believes shopping with a conscience should include both high quality and affordable. With the launch of their line of cleaning products, Fawn Organics is fulfilling this mission and strengthening its brand.

Fawn Organics Laundry Detergent offers an effective plant-based formula and all-natural alternative that deep cleans laundry without the need for harsh chemicals that harm the planet and people’s health. Acadia Powell worked closely with Fawn Organics to help smoothly facilitate the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of their new cleaning products.

Acadia Powell solved the age-old inventory problem for Fawn Organics by finding and forming partnerships that fulfill the supply chain. Instead of overspending upfront and holding vast amounts of inventory on shelves, Acadia Powell secured a partner who manufactures in small batches and ships Fawn Organics’ cleaning products when customers make an online order. As a result, Fawn Organics’ products do no depreciate and lose value sitting on dusty shelves. This would eventually force Fawn Organics to run discounts and promos to clear the depreciated inventory, losing money in the process. Instead, Fawn Organics’ profit margins are higher and their return-on-investment is much faster with these valuable partnerships.

With the introduction of their own unique products, Acadia Powell helped Fawn Organics become a value-based business. With the launch of new products, there is the opportunity for the direct exchange of value between Fawn Organics and its customers: customers receive a unique, quality product while Fawn Organics receives direct profit. As a result, Fawn Organics now enjoys the benefits of:

Receiving 100% of Profit and Full Control

When businesses create their own products, they receive 100% of the profits from the sale. As a result, creating products is very lucrative because the income potential is very high, especially once the product is firmly established in the market. Business owners have full control over their profit margins as they set the price, promotions, and any sales.

Increased Return-On-Investment and Conversion

When businesses launch products, they create the opportunity to convert the time spent not making money into profit. The creation of a unique product requires a heavy investment of time and money during research and development phases, manufacturing, and marketing the product. However, the product has the potential to remunerate the business and more for the time spent not making a profit.

Brand Reputation as Expert

When a business launches their own product, they immediately establish a perceived sense of authority and expertise in that area. As a result, customers are more likely to trust that business and consider their entire brand dependable for knowledge and other products. Quality product launches create the foundation of good brand reputations, which are essential to growing a new customer base and selling products easily.

Differentiated Brand

A business having its own products also distinguishes its brand in the market rather than promoting other brands through affiliate marketing. Any business or brand can participate in affiliate marketing, but not every business can create a quality product. This gives businesses a leg up in their industry and sets them apart from competition.

A Reliable Customer List

A business’s customer list is one of its most valuable pieces of intellectual property. With their own products, businesses can build their own customer base and even get affiliate marketers to expand that base for them. Even when businesses create a product in a crowded market, they have the opportunity to attract true and loyal fans, who will repurchase and be an advocate for their products.

Advanced Marketing Strategies and Affiliate Programs

With a customer list and the advanced tracking that comes with selling their own products, businesses can deploy savvy marketing strategies that target customers based on their previous purchases or interests. For example, businesses can target different segments of their customer base and send different email campaigns based on the customers’ product purchases and what they have browsed on the business’s website. In addition, businesses have the opportunity to contract affiliate marketers to spread awareness of their products and sell their products for them while still receiving a majority of the profits. Affiliate marketing is a cost-efficient and hands-off way for businesses to expand brand awareness and sales.


How could a product launch benefit your business? Contact Acadia Powell to learn more.

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