“Has Your Business Left Money on the Table? The Research & Development Tax Credit Can Recover It”

Rapid technological changes and shifts in consumer tendencies over the past decades have forced most businesses to constantly innovate. During all stages of the innovation process, there are expensive and time-consuming challenges to overcome in order to create an improved product, service, or manufacturing process. The Research and Development Tax Credit reduces the financial risk of these enterprises and rewards those businesses attempting to pioneer new products, services, and technology.

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is one of the best, and often overlooked, opportunities for businesses to significantly reduce their tax liability and receive substantial cash back to grow their business. Every year, the R&D Tax Credit yields billions of dollars in federal and state benefits to those engaged in qualifying research and development—but only 5% of qualified businesses are taking part.

Contrary to popular belief, this tax credit is not just for scientists or engineers. For what ultimately amounts to day-to-day business operations—striving to develop a solution, i.e. a product or service, that meets clients’ needs and helps the business stay competitive in its industry—companies from a wide variety of industries can qualify for these federal and state tax savings.

As a result of this substantial cash back from the IRS, these businesses then have the funds to hire new employees, invest in the creation of new products or services, and continue growing their operations in the United States. Since the R&D Tax Credit is not just a deduction, the tax credit results in an immediate cash source for the business to continue growing and creates a viable avenue to realize further tax savings and reduce tax liabilities in the future. As a result of the permanent savings, the R&D Tax Credit increases the market value, the earning power, and the cash flows of the company.

More businesses now than ever can qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. However, as business enterprises accelerate and as competition increases, many businesses will still miss out on tax incentives like the R&D Tax Credit simply because they don’t have the time, the resources, or the expertise required to identify and manage their businesses’ claim. Join our free, 30 minute webinar next Wednesday, October 14th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT, to continue learning what the R&D Tax Credit is and how your business can only benefit from the free exploration process.

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